आ (aa) Hindi Alphabet Worksheet with Words in English & Hindi

आ (aa) Hindi Alphabet

  • Origin: Devanagari Alphabets Vowels(Svar)
  • Position: 2nd
  • sign(matra): (-T) The sign (matra) is written on the right side of the letter as क् + आ(-T) = का (ka:)
  • Roman Transliteration: a:(aa)
  • Pronunciation with examples: Sound of ‘a:’as in father/ rather/water. Hindi words when ‘आ’ comes in the beginning e.g.-आम(a:m), आग (a:g); other places –पुआल, दुआ, बुआ. Hindi words where its matra is used काम(ka:m) नाम (na:m); राम (Ra:m); राग(ra:g); नाग (na:g)

आ (aa) Worksheet

आ – Writing, Drawing and Tracing Worksheet Free Printable [PDF]. Hindi स्वर वर्ण (vowels) आ learning worksheets for kids in Kindergarten (Nursery, L.KG., U.KG).

“आ” is the second letter of the Devanagari script and the 2nd letter and sound of the alphabet of languages ​​such as Hindi, NepaliMarathiMaithiliAwadhi, Newari and Bhojpuri. etc.

आ (aa) – Writing, Drawing and Tracing Worksheet



Hindi आ (aa) Writing Worksheet

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आ (aa) Hindi Alphabet Tracing, Drawing, Coloring, Writing, Puzzle Workbook PDF

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