ष (Sha) Hindi Alphabet Worksheets for Writing, Drawing, Tracing [PDF]

ष (Sha) Hindi Alphabet

  • Origin: Devanagari Alphabets (Consonants) Vyanjan
  • Group: ष(Cerebral)
  • Position: 33rd
  • Roman Transliteration: sha
  • Pronunciation with examples: It occurs only in borrowed Sanskrit words in Hindi. Otherwise, it is identical with ‘श’; e.g. – षट (Shat); अष्ट (aSht); कष्ट (kaSht)

ष (Sha) Hindi Worksheets

ष (Sha)) Hindi Alphabet Writing, Drawing, Tracing Worksheet for Kindergarten (Nursery, LKG, UKG). Download ष (Sha) Letter in Hindi dotted letter practice sheet. There are three types of PDF, all of them are free and printable.

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Hindi ष (Sha) Writing Worksheet

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ष (Sha) Hindi Alphabet Tracing, Drawing, Coloring, Writing, Puzzle Workbook PDF

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