अः (ah) Hindi Alphabet

अः (ah) Hindi Alphabet

  • Origin: Devanagari Alphabets Vowels(Svar)
  • Position: 13th
  • sign(matra): ( : ) (Visarga) The sign is written after the letter as क्+ अ: (:) = क: (kah)
  • Roman Transliteration: ah
  • Pronunciation with examples:‘:’ is pronounced somewhat like ‘ah’ as in hurrah! ‘अ:’ is never written as a full letter in Hindi. It never comes at the beginning of a word. Only sign (matra) or consonantal form (:) is used in some of the words of Sanskrit origin. A few Hindi words when its ‘matra’ is used; e.g.- अत: (atah); नम: (namah); प्रातः: (pra:tah); प्रायः : (pra:yah); पुन: (punah)

अः (ah) Worksheet

अः – Writing, Drawing and Tracing Worksheet Free Printable [PDF]. Hindi स्वर वर्ण (vowels) अः learning worksheets for kids in Kindergarten (Nursery, L.KG., U.KG).

“अः” is the thirteen letter of the Devanagari script and the last letter and sound of the alphabet of languages ​​such as Hindi, NepaliMarathiMaithiliAwadhi, Newari and Bhojpuri. etc.

अः (ah) – Writing, Drawing and Tracing Worksheet



Hindi अः (ah) Writing Worksheet

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अः (ah) Alphabet Hindi Tracing, Drawing, Coloring, Writing, Puzzle Workbook PDF

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